How to Use Instagram™ (& Reels) to Reach People and Get More Customers

Without Looking Like a Total Beginner

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During This Free Training, You’ll Learn:

The first choice you must make if you want your social media posts, including Instagram Reels™, to have a lasting impact on your business growth and bottom line

3 simple yet game-changing secrets that will allow you to finally get seen by dream customers, without spending money on ads

The most important piece to include in every post & Reel™ to ensure people engage—and it doesn’t involve wasting time on expensive production or complicated technology

5 features any small business owner can use today to drive traffic and start making sales using Instagram posts & Reels™ (even with a small following)

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The 7 Common Mistakes New Business Owners Make on Instagram™ that are Costing Them Followers and Revenue (and How to Fix Them)

As an entrepreneur with limited time to get it alllllll done, simple tricks to save time and effort can cut out years of struggling. After working closely with thousands of students, my team and I have isolated mistakes that you can avoid to help keep you a step ahead from your competition.

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Hi! We’re Sue B. and Morgan.

Social media can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out.

After 10 years of helping hundreds of people grow businesses online, we’ve spent the time and energy (so you don’t have to!) learning the RIGHT and WRONG things to do on Instagram™.

If you’re tired of struggling to make your social media work— put yourself first by taking advantage of our help!

Join this class, and we’re confident you’ll leave refreshed, reinvigorated and armed with tactics that work—even if you don’t have any prior experience on Instagram™.

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